About 4811foureighteleven

4811foureighteleven is a Shanghai-based brand founded in 2021 by designer RUOJING WANG. It takes its name after the number of pen strokes in WANG’s name in Chinese in order to shy away from falling under the gender binary. Being unsatisfied with the lack of functional design elements in traditional womenswear and influenced by her menswear background, she believes that many functional details that originally were exclusively seen in menswear designs should not have a gender specification in the age of modernity.

The designer seeks daily inspirations from a multitude of sources such as films, electronic music and vintage publications in order to explore the equality in individuality, and extracts bizarre and fascinating details from the world to be assembled into products that give attention to fabrics, functions, cut and concept. Therefore, 4811foureighteleven dedicates itself to creating fashion that fulfills functional needs while leading the wearers into the illusion of a parallel dimension. By giving the ability to interpret garments to the wearers, she wishes to reach cultural equilibrium in gender non-binary.